We introduce our clients to the 12 Step Program of Gamblers Anonymous which enables the gambler to take responsibility for their past behavior, and provide a new perspective that allows them to move forward.

What We Believe

TMTS believe that a gambling addiction should be treated with the same Approach as a substance use disorder or a physical health disease. It doesn’t matter where you are in your struggle with gambling, we want to help get you on the right path.


We serve men and women with gambling addiction including (but not limited to):

· Sports betting

· Poker & Blackjack

· Slot machines


· Stock trading & cryptocurrency

· Online games

· Lottery and scratch offs.




Counseling: An important aspect of recovery is learning to practice new self-care habits. Your physical health can greatly impact your mental health, which is why we encourage you to speak to a counselor who will help you develop a ITP that is suited for you.

Aftercare Support: Even after leaving TMTS we offer continuous support and follow up.