REMIX – is a multi-tiered wellness & recovery program that delivers a trauma responsive approach to programming for young adults. REMIX aims to X OUT Trauma, Substance Abuse, Recidivism, Unemployment, Homelessness, the Use of Violence in Conflict Resolution and the stigmas associated with addiction while promoting wellness & long-term recovery.

The Remix Mission

REMIX aims to fill the gaps for young adults ages 18 to 30 who are often mandated and court ordered to participate in programming that has historically not been designed for their success. We provide services to both those that are court ordered and young adults who self-refer themselves, seeking a way out and support.



REMIX provides specialized services for young adults ages 18 to 30 with a history of self-medicating with substance use, illegal & high risk activities and repeated interactions with the criminal justice system.

REMIX is intentional and strategic in providing services to this very unique demographic that requires additional safeguards, support, structure, therapy and boundaries while being engaged in treatment and living in semi-independent therapeutic communal environments.

REMIX recognizes that young adults that are navigating trauma alone, without trusted adults & community partners uniquely face a myriad of challenges preventing them from recognizing and addressing their trauma, identifying a drug addiction, seeking mental health supports while having access to quality drug treatment and the needed wrap around services that would afford them an equitable reentry into a society that has historically counted them out.

REMIX services are currently delivered in an intensive outpatient setting with semi-independent supportive housing. The REMIX Center, where services are provided is located at 1 North Charles Street, in our state of the art facility designed to make young adults feel welcome, wanted, valued, seen, heard, comfortable & most importantly safe.


Services provided at The REMIX CENTER include but are not limited to:

  • Lifeskills
  • Anger Management & Violence Prevention
  • Financial Literacy ,Bank Accounts, Budget & Planning
  • Parenting Classes
  • The “Good Baby Daddy/Momma” Group
  • Legal Support –Child Support, FTA & Expungements
  • Professional Clothing Closet –for court appearances and job interviews
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Mental Health/Trauma Therapy/CBT
  • Grief Counseling
  • Specialized Group Sessions –Marijuana, Alcohol and Opioid Prescription Centered
  • Specialized Group Sessions for LGBTQIA+ and Non-Binary Young Adults
  • GED Classes
  • Job Readiness
  • Workforce Development
  • Birth Certificates & State Identification Assistance
  • Personal Hygiene –“Boys to Men/Leading Ladies Sessions”
  • Video Gaming Systems
  • Recreation Activities & Outings
  • Wi-Fi & Computer Access –
  • Each Participant is gifted a laptop for use while engaged in services