Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization refers to our comprehensive, short-term, intensive, trauma responsive clinical treatment program. With regard to levels of care, partial hospitalization is just a step below inpatient hospitalization or residential care but more concentrated than traditional intensive outpatient treatmentParticipants are generally referred to partial hospitalization programs like ours when they are experiencing acute substance use disorder induced psychiatric symptoms that are difficult to manage but that do not require 24-hour care. Individuals in our partial hospitalization program attend structured programming throughout the day, five (5) days a week.

What We Believe

The philosophy of Treyway Multi Treatment Services program is to provide essential substance abuse services so clients can recover and live as independently as possible.

Treyway Multi Treatment Services provides structured individual and group addiction activities and medical services in an atmosphere designed to assist adults to begin recovery and learn skills to maintain his or her recovery effort. Particle Hospitalization Program (PHP) services shall include a structured program consisting of, but not limited to, the following services:

  • Individual counseling and support.
  • Group counseling and support.
  • Family counseling, training or support.
  • Toxicology (e.g., urine drug screens);
  • Relapse prevention.
  • Psychoeducation recovery.
  • Disease management education.


  • Life skills.
  • Crisis contingency planning.
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Vocational therapy.
  • Recreational therapy.
  • Communication and social skills training; and
  • Service coordination and referral.

All PHP treatment services are provided under the direction of nurse practitioner serving as the medical director. PHP is designed for men and women over the age 18 with substance abuse and/or co-occurring MH/SA disorders. Group counseling shall be provided daily, as well as weekly individual sessions to augment treatment services.

Treatment services include case management, linkage or integration of multiple services, assessment, and reassessment of the client’s need for services. Clinical staff informs the recipient of the benefits of treatment, community resources, and services; and assists the client in accessing benefits and services. In addition, the Clinical Staff assists in coordinating services for each person served by:

  • Assuming responsibility for ensuring the implementation of the person-centered plan.
  • Ensuring that the client is oriented to his or her services.
  • Promoting the participation of the person served on an ongoing basis in discussions of his or her plans, goals, and status.
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in service provision.
  • Sharing information on how to access community resources relevant to his or her needs.
  • Advocating for the person served, when applicable.
  • Communicating information regarding progress of the person served to the appropriate persons.
  • Facilitating the transition process, including arrangements for follow-up services.
  • Involving the family or legal guardian, when applicable or permitted.
  • Coordinating services provided outside of the organization.

Location of Services

Particle Hospitalization Program (PHP) services will be provided in a licensed setting. The program services are provided over a period of seven (7) to twenty-one (21) days. The duration is based on the individual needs of the client.

Service Delivery

PHP is offered seven (7) hours a day, Monday through Friday; and six (6) hours a day on Saturday and Sunday. Totaling at least forty-seven (47) hours of direct client care. Client will meet with his/her primary counselor on the seventh day of treatment to identify the need for continuing PHP treatment services or be refer to a higher or lower level of care.

All clients meeting the criteria for PHP services will receive a physical examination and mental health evaluation within                                   24 hours of admission.