Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation services fully support our participants’ ongoing recovery and integration into the communities in which they were once considered a part of the problem. Our PRP services have proven to be an intricate part of the solution!  Our goal is to continue developing and restoring our participant’s independent living and social skills, including their ability to consistently make better decisions regarding self- care, management of their own mental illness, educationemployment and community engagement; those that commit to PRP have the most successful outcomes and comprehensive continuum of care.

What We Believe

The philosophy of Treyway Multi Treatment Services program is to provide essential substance abuse services so clients can recover and live as independently as possible.
When participants have a mental disorder that requires professional evaluation and treatment, they should be treated at the least intensive setting that is able to meet their medical needs.

Satisfaction of all admission and continued care criteria must be documented in the clinical record based upon the conditions and factors identified below before treatment will be authorized.

Admission Criteria

1. All of the following criteria are necessary for admission:

The participant has a Treyway Multi Treatment Services specialty mental health DSM-5 diagnosis included in the priority population and the participant’s impairment(s) can be expected to be stabilized at this level of care.

The impairment results in at least one of the following:

i. A clear, current threat to the participant’s ability to live in his/her customary setting ii. An inability to be employed or attend school without support

iii. An inability to manage the effects of his/her mental illness

The participant’s condition requires an integrated program of rehabilitation services to develop and restore independent living skills to support the participant’s recovery.

The participant must be concurrently engaged in outpatient mental health treatment.

All participants residing in a RRP must have PRP services available.

The participant does not require a more intensive level of care.

All fewer intensive levels of treatment have been determined to be unsafe or unsuccessful.

2. The specific diagnostic criteria may be waived for the following two conditions:

A participant committed as not criminally responsible who is conditionally released from a state facility.


A participant in a state facility or a state-funded inpatient psychiatric hospital that requires community services. This excludes participants eligible for Developmental Disabilities Administration’s residential services.